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Stainless Steel for Everything

My quest to find things that will last forever, without rust or deterioration.

I really like fisher space refills, but I dislike almost all of their pens.  They had the 'futura pen' but that has long since been discontinued.
Remedy? Different pens with refill.
Pens that I have found to work with these refills.
Most parker pens
The Zebra F-701 with slight modification. This is a nice sturdy pen that I currently use at work.

Parker jotter
    Just replace cartridge with space pen cartridge
    I found this pen to be too slender and light.  I did like its simple appearance, I just want a slightly thicker heavier version.

I also needed something that was durable. So G-shock was considered.
MTG-930DA 2688

Sheffield automatic



Flatware 18/10 (heavier duty than 18/8

Door knobs/levers

This one has been a sore spot for me as I have not been able to find one that is a simple lever front door lock, I have only found chromed brass.

Yes the Delorean was a awesome concept for a car.