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I picked up the "source" model at macy's on a one day sale.  This page will serve as a guide to everything you need to know about owning a sodastream.

Currently testing to see how long a Co2 carbonator acttually lasts

Cheapest place I have found to get an exchange is Staples. 11.99 on sale otherwise 14.99 (as of 08/19/2014) for the 60L
Bed Bath and Beyond have the biggest selection of accessories at the best prices.

It CAN use 0.5L bottles, I have not had a problem, they work just like 1L bottles. (even though their page says it cannot.) These bottles are best if you want to make sure the drink is fizzy right down to the last drop.
CO2 an be made cheaper via paintball adapters and filling it at sporting good stores.  
Or use this machine with a bulk tank. ( will be doing this as I already have a 20# tank.)

Flavors NOT TO BUY:
Passion fruit mango
don't know what happened but this stuff just ins't as good as you might think.