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Table Saw

Delta contractor saw model 10 (34-410)

Just got this saw with a 50" Biesemeyer fence and router table insert.  Found this great deal on Craigslist.  When I got this thing hole and powered it on I noticed there was a problem.  The arbor bearings were bad. Took me a few days to figure out a good way to replace those.  Finally I decided to use a bearing puller separator from Harbor Freight.  Not that I wanted to but because they were the only ones that had a tool big enough and long enough to pull them off and pull the new bearing all the way on again. 


1.  Replace arbor bearings. (Finished)
2.  PALS system add-on. (Researching)
3.  Industrial power switch mod, akin to my drill press. (In Progress/testing)
4.  Built in 12ga extension cord for Table saw and router add-on. (Researching)
5.  Build on a folding extension table. (Researching)
6.  Build in dust collection for both router and TS. (In Progress)
7.  Add Industrial switch for router. (Researching)
8.  Add more drawers for storage. (Researching)
9.  Square up table (Finished)
10.  Link Belt add-on (Finished)
11.  New cursor for fence (Finished)
12.  Replace fence measuring tape (Planned)

1.  Used a bearing/gear puller st from Harbor Freight to remove the arbor bearings. On their site Here

        Found Youtube videos that did just the trick on how it was done:
            Disassembly   Reassembly
2.  This Product from In-Line Industries seems like a great idea.  This is to micro adjust your trunnions to true the saw.

3.  Again I used the switch from a craftsman product.  And to meet electrical requirements I got it out of a matching powered table saw.  This also allows future 240 upgrade path.

4. This extension cord would house a box to power box Router and Table Saw (not at the same time of course) As this saw is in the middle of the garage, the cords provided are not long enough.  


6.  Going to run ducting for both with shut offs so only need one hook up to the Dust Collector
Currently have dust hood mounted in the bottom of the TS.

7.  Found this on, Router safety switch HERE, but might just use another one of the craftsman switches.

8.  This Table Saw came with one drawer, thought i might copy it and add more storage, for more blades and router cabinet.

10.  Picked up a Accu-Link belt from harbor freight HERE.  This belt is amazing, not only did it limit vibration, but noise too! was well worth the upgrade. (and made in U.S.A.)

11.  Lucky I found this at a local store or I might not have found the exact part.


In progress... 
As of 03/10/11


Since the switch I ordered came with a power cord, all I did was make an adapter for it to just plug in, that replacement cord had a standard computer plug, ripped one off a busted computer power supply and made an adapter and now up and running.  Used C-claps to decide where I want to place the switch.

Future upgrade as a new project will be to make a new base for this saw found in Shop Notes Vol #89, of course i have to change the design as this is a bigger fence and I want built in dust collection for both the TS and the router.