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Raspberry Pi

(this will be completely updated soon)

I am currently using a motorola lapdock as a "build station".

APRS iGate
APRS Client/GPS tracker
USB to ethernet server
Thermostat with color lcd web server and control

Web server relay control
Web server status pins
    Via Berry IO

UPS web/SNMP monitor

Ham Radio data computers to connect to the network
APRS igate via TNC-pi

Other Ideas

Rackmount: Use an old outdated device with 1U case.  Use old apple IIe power supplies for the high amperage 5v needed also has 12v and 24v for other needs including relays and front panel LCD.

Rackmount as a bunch of servers.  I will just use a shelf and zip tie them down.  This will allow me to have access to the SD card and power for quick configure/reconfiguration.

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ProjectStatusWork needed
ProjectStatusWork needed
Network Camera Building Build housing, POE adapter 
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