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Portable Power

To build a portable battery with charging solutions built in.
1. small version with solar panels. 
    1x 7ah 12v battery
    Metal clamshell case.      This works off almost the same principle as your car charging system.

2. Large version using a gen-set or ac to charge.
    2x 6v 110ah golf cart batteries.
    roll around case with room for chargers.

Portable generator from lawnmower engine using a car alternator.  (these projects might not be worth my time.)
I have 2 versions of this I could build.
Cancelled.  1. briggs and straton 3.5hp vertical engine.  Old push mower.  This should output
Cancelled.  2. Tecumseh 12hp vertical engine with power start.  Old Rider mower.
    Even though this engine would have the power to easily run 8000 watts.  The problem would be the alternator or multiple alternators to handle the total of 560+ amps. 

3. Honda generator with propane conversion.  Will work on 1lb or 20lb cylinders.  Propane will not go stale and carburetor will not have problems.  This will be perfect for emergencies and field day.

And when I get the 2000i
electric start:
Starts at, view of the starter: