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Craftsman Professional 13" Planer

Yet another Craigslist find. Model 351.217430.  Which isn't that old, yet kinda hard to find much about it online. 

Just refurbishing.

1.  Order replacement parts that were missing or damaged.  (Done)
2.  Clean up and re-oil machine.  (Finished)
3.  Add new parts. (Finished)
4.  Find new blades. (found)
5. Calibrate machine (Working)
6.  Wixey height guage (Future addon)


2.  Green scotch brite and WD-40, then super lube with silicone gel/grease.

3.  Missing screws and parts were added in various places.  

5.  Found this was really tough until i notice when I turned this beast upside down that there was a screw missing that held in the chain drive that lifted the cutterhead. With a new screw it should be quite easy.

6.   The best I could calibrate this machine was 0.004" measurable with variances of .010" across the board.  Due to how this machine was designed I dont think I can get any more accurate.  The way to adjust the squareness of the machine, you have to move the cog on the bottom over between teeth of a chain, one tooth is about 1/256 of an inch, or the error that I am getting add to that the slight chainlash and there isn't much I think I can do.  To get better results I would need a better built machine.  But I think in a width of 13" 1/256"-1/128" is acceptable. But using this machine to mill boards for a table the thickness of a sheet of paper will be noticeable.

Completed 04/01/11