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Think about having a phone system in your house or business that was also the intercom system.
When I was younger I remember a friends house had a intercom system that was built in that worked everywhere.  If you wanted to get a hold of someone just press a button, even had a phone patch.  Even though that later might not be perfectly useful, it was a nice touch.

Now that Cisco has all the good stuff from the early 2000s you can get it pretty cheap on ebay. 

So if you wanted a whole house phone/intercom system, this is the project for you too.

THe problem with this system now is that cell phones on WIFI have pretty much eliminated the need for this system. But it will still be neat to figure out how to do it.
The system I want would have the following:

A backhaul server that can take normal VOIP or POTS to the aggregated system.
Call forwarding
3 way calling
music on hold
transfer to another phone

Research so far:

You need an adapter to change the POTS to VOIP.  This is done with an ATA adapter.  

Things to research:

Call Manager
ATA hardware
VOIP phones
WIFI VOIP phones
DECT VOIP phones

Cisco Hardware:

ATA adapters:

VG224, VG248(cheaper)
ATA 186,187,188
SPA8000 8 port

VOIP phones: