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Night Vision

Sony's old handycams used to have "super night shot" which allows you to flip off the IR filter and shoot at 0LUX and has a small illuminator.  The model I have will even allow you to take photos, video albeit a low resolution, but hey it works!
When I finally got my hands on one of these to try, this system works.  It just needs a larger illuminator.  So thats what I will build.

Illuminator test bed:
48LED CCTV ir illuminator
homemade 12v battery pack (10AA NIMH)
Hotshoe mount

Version 1.0
Hotshoe bolt
mounting plate to above
48 IR LED CCTV Illuminator
4 AA battery box with switch
DC-DC buck converter
project box for above
4x 14500 1200mah Lithium batteries
super mini voltmeter with on/off switch, possible pushbutton (to monitor battery voltage)

DIY Night Vision on the cheap