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Motorola R100 D-Star Repeater

I found someone else built one of these, thought I would build the same as I like the features.

Parts used:


50W UHF duplexer

programming cable from ebay

DVRPTR board

Raspberry Pi Model B variant


Portability (in a case) ext battery, antenna


05 19 15

Still need to get a duplexer, dvrptr board and a new raspberry pi model b2.  Glad I still have a 386 computer as it will be needed for programming with dos.  Still thinking about what case to put this in.  Im thinking a pelican type case or something.  with a separate battery box as carrying both will be a chore and might not be needed.  Cooling can be an issue. think the case should be strong enough to allow an antenna to be mounted right on it or something similar.  This would allow it to just sit and work when needed.  

06 20 16

Aquired duplexer. Raspberry pi 3 will be used with a small screen.  Still unsure of case.