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Mendel 3D printer, I have most of the parts, last bits are on order. 

Mendel with wade's extruder, heated bed, ramps 1.4 electronics, and Brian's .35mm hot end (pre J-Head).

Hot End
    I used a block of aluminium and milled it just like Nophead's experiment. (found here) Though I didn't make mine as small as he made his.

I also wrapped mine in ceramic tape and held together with kaptop tape.

To connect the HotEnd to the fiberglass high-temp wiring I wanted to use screw type butt connectors.  Couldn't find any that would hold this size wire. So I cut up a euro style term block and presto.

And what it looks like finished
Heated bed
    I thought Prusa did a great job on this design and I wanted to make it show his work.
          First I layered aluminum tape to the platform.  

Then used a sheet of silicone for the first layer of insulation.
But I needed a bit more of a deformable surface. I found Nophead on his Mendel90 used cardboard. I needed a deformable under layer to account for the wires and thermistor.

Old PSU used as RAMPS case

Since its so popular to use an ATX PSU and the fact that RAMPS can control it. I didn't have any used PSU's with this kind of power output. Since I purchased a new one and it had a 3 year warranty i really didn't want to cut the wires to it. I found that you can get a 24 to 20 pin ATX adapter (found here) a 6pin vga extension (found here) and a p4 extension (found here). The reason I used the vga and the p4 was this PSU has dual rails. Even though it can power it all on one rail, I didn't need to, and help balance the load. But in the future this PSU should easily handle 2 RepRaps.
I used the 24>20 for the interface, Vga for the Heated bed, and the P4 for Motors and board.

I also adapted Nophead's idea of the "wooden overcoat".  Built mine from undersized 1/4" plywood and ripped 2x4 lumber for the battons.  Menards also sells acrylic sheets in the near dimensions I needed.  I think the total cost was right around $20 with the 4 magnetic catches for the front cover.

Lessons learned:

find more info about the RepRap here

Other reading

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