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Restoring a Heston & Anderson 6" Jointer Model# 8650

This nice tool has a 60" table all cast iron and 3/4 enclosed cabinet.  It houses a B-line ( Brown-BrockMeyer Co. ) 3/4HP Motor. Frame #RM-720-R
I'm thinking this is Circa 1953. as I found this in a Popular science mag with an ad that ran that year.

Things I need to fix Mod.

1.   Motor mount bushings. (Finished)
2.   Industrial switch add-on. (Finished)
3.   4" Dust collection cover. (Finished)
4.   Find new blades. (Finished)
5.   Grease motor bearings (In Progress) Possibly replace motor
6.   Change how side panel mounts for easy access (Researching)
7.   Set tables (Finished)
8.   Replace cutterhead bearings (In progress)
9.   Byrd cutterhead (In Progress)
10. Paint cabinet - new hardware (In Progress)

1.  see note 02/18/11

2.  Thinking about using the same one I used for the Table saw.  Going to use stainless steel hose clamps and clamp it to the iron bar stock handles.   Used the same switch as I ordered for the table saw.  Again, using a craftsman replacement part.  Used stainless Steel hose clamps to mount switch to the bar stock handles handles that were added to this tool.  This way it can be moved out of the way it need be. 

3.  going to use some foam tape for a seal and bolt this onto the side chute.

4.  This tool has 3x 6 1/2" HSS blades.  Might never have to worry about this with new possible upgrade.

5.  Did this, let it run for a few minutes, will add more.

6. Thinking about using something called U-clips.  Or mount a piano hinge.  hmm...

7.  Had to raise the outfeed table .016" but using a feeler gauge as a shim.

8.  This was tricky as you have to remove the 4 bolts that hold on the top.  As far as i could tell I could not get the tables off to make the top lighter.

9.  This is a carbide insert cutter head that never has to be set for height.  Very nice upgrade. This means I can use it on stock with knots and never have to worry about nicks in the blades. HERE for more info.  Emailed for measured drawings of this part.  The generic will fit, but the catch is you have to use a non standard bearing.  A 6203-15 2RS is needed on the operator side. The original and backside bearing is a 6203 2RS. 

10. Simply going to use Rustoleum hammer finish grey.  Replacing all hardware.


  I'm still having a problem finding rubber bushings for this machine, its a 1/2"IDx3/4"OD with a width of 3/8".  If you know anything about these bushings or where to find them, leave a comment! Thanks!

  FINALLY found those bushings. Part# OMAR-807.


  Mounted motor with the new bushings but I'm not sure if I like this even though I rebuilt it how it was before.  When its loaded and uses the weight of the motor to put tension on the belt. The bushings have enough play that the belt alignment isn't true.  Thinking about using washers and propping one side to counteract this problem.


    Mounted the dust collection cover and used aluminum flashing to cover the top part of the opening.  Seems to work just fine.  Wiring is also finished, now all is running.  Still have to find a good way to make the side access panel easier to take off.  All I need to do now is Adjust the tables and final touch ups and it will be up to perfect working order.


    Used new Frued C360 blades, seems like it wont be that bad to change.  Seriously looking into upgrading to a Byrd head.  


    After some heavy use, decided to give it a full restoration and swap the cutter head.  After just a bit of use the 3rd set of HSS knives just get dings so fast its just not worth the headache.  



As of 03/17/13 - In progress