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Water system

This camper came with a hand pump for a faucet that was already broken.  Instead of replacing it I decided to take it a step further and go to a powered faucet.
This was the original pump style -before-

This is the new faucet -after-    This was just a 3/16" plate of AL drilled to the same holes as the old pump.

This was the only place that I had to to make it all fit.  

And the finished project. The ball valve on the right is for draining the system for storage or pressurized output to a coleman portable water heater.


To hold down the hoses I use 3/4" electrical wire staples.  I removed the nails then drilled them with an 1/8" bit and used 3/4" #10 sheet metal screws.  This allowed a solid mount that then can hold almost anything with zip ties. This allows the system to be permanent yet easy to fix in case something needs it.