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AC Power System

When I took out the AC unit it made it much easier to chase new wires for a much beefier system.

1. New Breaker box
2. every outlet will be on it own circuit
3. Added DC outlets
4. surge protector
5. new converter/charger
6. new inlet plug for heavier cable (30A)
7. provisions to possibly add future solar panels 
8. put AC and mini fridge on their own circuits

2ga zip cord for power anything dc system.  Should easily handle 100amps.

DIY distobution block from 1/4" lexan.  Bolts are 1/4" SS machine screws. each outlet plug has a 6" 12ga jumper. Each plug is rated for 30amps. 

The square tube hides and protects the lift cables.  The original wiring ALMOST was sawn through from this cable. Talk about potential nightmare while trying to sleep. (hello fireworks.) Jayco really screwed up there.

New wiring mounted for switch (below)

New switched near door for interior/exterior lights +1 spare most likely for future vent fan. This really should have been standard.

This is not ideal, just had to work for 1 season.  Things might need to be moved as a converter/charger, inverter, solar controller also need to be fitted. (Don't have them yet, thus can't make a commitment of what will fit where.)

Every breaker is labeled with a scrap piece of insulation from the wire (yellow on left)
This is a great trick for homes too as it eliminates ALL possible problems of what is what. you can never label too much.