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Fixing up a Hewlett Packard 3600n Color Laser Jet

Went to the Indy Hamfest and found this just as the guy was taking it out of his wagon. Told me it was jamming all the time, yet I never had that problem.

NOTES: Due to the cost of needing a full set of toner carts + an ETB (Electrostatic Transfer Belt) and the falling cost of much better machines for a few hundred more this might be on the scrap heap for stuff to sell. I had my eye caught by the HP M551dn which actually much more suited to my needs. hmmm. (08/29/2013)
Update: More testing shown the belt seems to be working fine.  The magenta cart is failing.

To unlock Service menu, enter code: 11360005
    This is used to clear event logs, did not see anything worth mentioning.

1.  General Cleaning and vacuuming internals. (done)
2.  Clean Fuser. (done)
3.  Testing and calibration. (cal. done. Trying to get better sharpness)
4.  Order new paper tray. (installed (eBay))
5.  Order Extended cap paper tray. (done (eBay))
6.  Order rebuilt toner cartridges.  (Installed)
7.  Find PDF manuals and service manual. (done)

1.  Used a shopvac with a HEPA filter and a micro brush attachment set.

2.  This printer has a cleaning feature.  Creates a cleaning sheet with paper and seemed to get rid of the random bits of toner dust that was still lingering.  If I still have problems This will need to be dismantled.

3.  Calibrated with a Color Munki Photo from X-rite.  Tested many kinds of prints.  Noticed that halftones are NOT very smooth on this printer.  Looks like jpeg artifacts instead of smooth gradients. Trying to just get correct color has been quite a challenge.  I've been optimizing and adding more color sheets to the ICC.  I got close, but it is not nearly as good as my samsung clp-315.  I have noticed this printer is not perfect at calibrating itself for matching colors or the belt is too worn i'm not sure.  

4.  When I got this printer all of the toner carts are rebuilt/after market replacements.  For 2 of the carts they will not show the toner left.  Instead this printer complains that the carts are NON-HP carts and will just show a "?" for status.  Since the others work and are also non-hp carts, I concluded that the chip could be replaced and this might fix the problem.  These are $6 for a set of 4 chips on eBay.

5.  Original paper tray was missing back stop.  Found a cheap tray for spare parts.

6.  Found a used Hi Capacity tray for cheap.

7.  There is a local place in town that sells rebuilt carts for  . Also found them online for around $100 for a full set.

8.  Both PDF manuals were actually very easy to find on Google.

As of 09/08/2013

Update 02/23/16
    I get error xx and it means the cartridges are not engaged.  will need repair.