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Homebuilt Air Compressor

This was built in the '70s by some friends of my grandpa.
Has a 3/4hp GE 1725rpm motor and a 2 cylinder single stage compressor model number 102-17510
mounted atop an old piece of boomerang countertop.

To do:

 - modify pressure switch to include on/off and adjust to correct pressure.
 - add tee and coupler to other compressor

My Notes:


    I have yet to be able to find used or new air compressor tanks for this project.  I have found some new ones for some crazy prices, so thats a non starter.  I am thinking about ganging this to my other air compressor for the time being.  When I originally got this contraption, It had an aluminum tank from many many years ago (60-70s) and I just don't feel safe using that tank.  I am thinking about using several 11gal portable tanks ganged together for more storage.  Even though that will make the compressor run longer I'm pretty sure this thing can run near 100% duty cycle at 110lbs.  It may not fill them fast, but It should work fine.