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Home Automation

Preface:  Your house should work for your and know what you want, when you want it.

    I.E.    When you open the screen door at night the porch light will come on.

    When you unlock the door from the keypad (Keyless of course! But always have a manual deadbolt.) The entry lights come on, if in winter or summer the appropriate HVAC settings will be invoked.  

    When you walk into the bathroom, the light turns on albeit dimly unless you command otherwise.  When you are showing the vent fan turns on because it sensed higher humidity.  

    These are simple things that can be done today.  And should be 'givens' that all domiciles should have.      

Using X10 protocol and a old computer running Windows XP for the server.  Utilizing VNC/RDP I can control anything with any computer and phone.

Implementations I have done so far:

Doorbell macro:

I simply use a 'universal module' tapped into the doorbell.  This sends a macro command to the server that then sends a chime to other units and sets a flag for the "status lights" and an email sent.

Even though X-10 technology is outdated and obsolete, I started using this in 1999 before I knew of or heard of Z-wave.  If you are just starting home automation I would recommend you read about that tech and NOT X-10.  In the future I will start to mix and then replace my system with Z-wave.


Implement a way to use IFTTT to further functionality

Research "Smarthings hub" as a stopgap addition