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GE Rack

This was a radio rack for permanent installations like police/fire/public service. 
I have 2 of these with idea to mount them back to back for a longer rack to use for a home network and server rack.

To do:

1.    Disassemble    Done
2.    Clean    50%
3.    Make new floors for dust/bugs seeling
4.    Paint
5.    Mount hardware
6.    Install to location
7.    Install equipment

Feet holes 5/8" 62805K43
rack used G-style nuts McMaster# 90542A343 with 10-32 screws 91249A272 These parts are HORRIBLY expensive and will try to find them elsewhere.

My notes:


    Using the back doors as they have vents on the top and bottome and have a lip.  This should make it possible to mount air filters with a fan on the roof of the second rack.  The first rack with have openings for the cabling to goto the patch panels.