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General Dynamics 8200

Itronics General Dynamics 8200

16GB DDR3 PC3L 1333Mhz Is possible. I used 2 of these 8GB Hynix sodimm

Power supply is a 19V 4.74Ah 90W with a 5.5MM x 2.5MM barrel plug I used this

The built in WWAN card is a MC7750 for Verizon.  If you want this to run on T-mobile / Google Fi.  You will need to replace it with a MC7455 for fastest speed. Or a MC7355 which isn't as fast but much cheaper.

Battery is a IX-270

the GD6000, GD8000, and the GD82000 have similar parts for batteries, docks, power supplies, stylus, dvd drive.

Linux works with everything on this machine without any hickups that I have found
 touchscreen how to