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  From what I have found.  ZFS is the most hardware intensive file system on the planet but for good reason.
All data is check summed and you can have Raidz enabled to +3 parity.

Searching for parts to build this seem to end up with 
1200w PS $250
20 bay hot swap case $300
intel board $170
western digital green drives 5x $70@1
memory 8GB $300
This would be the starting price, then just add hard drives and SSDs to the pool till the case is full.

since the cost of this is quite high, might wait till WD releases a 4TB drive but 20 bays with 2TB is after all 40TB or 80 with 4TB drives which may sound like an absurd amount.  but I remember building my first file server thinking 1TB was a huge amount... 

But I do have a working test machine

InWin Q500 Full tower case
nVidia nforce 4 Motherboard
Anthon 64 3500+
550W PSU
2x 500GB Sata seagate baracuda 7200
2x 200GB Pata WD 7200


 Above test machine is working fine.  Will like to see what iSCSI is like sometime when I get the chance to configure it.
FreeNas (9.1.1)


ZFS Notes:
1GB of Ram required per TB of storage.

Norco Case Notes:
The 4224 case is what I want but I'm not sure if it's a good idea as I need a separate bays for the dual boot drives. (hardware raid 1) Otherwise I might be stuck with the 4220. Or use the Top backplane just for boot drives, and be forced to install the os via USB key or ext cd drive.
 Your going to want the 120mm fan bracket.
 You can use redundant EPS12+ power supplies.
 Some have back-planes to allow less cabling.  This will also allow ext 8088 with appropriate hardware.  Thus using another case once one is full granted you have room for a ext sas card. I am hoping I will never to do this.

sas card 2 port

Galiath build:
Cobra281's build:


Upgraded to FreeNAS 9.2.0

    This upgrade went quite nasty.  Would hang at boot with a "Fatal trap 18 integer divide fault"
Instead of trying to monkey I don't really care to figure it out, just need to get it back up and working.  So I reinstalled freenas and imported the ZFS pool.  Now all is well.  Seems this update is quite a bit snappier or previous upgrades didn't work perfectly.