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Coffee Go Kit

Coffee Go Kit Version 1.0

4LBS 3.1OZ

Contents:                                              Cost:

AeroPress coffee maker                                 $29
Hario Mini Mill                                        $25
Altoids round tin for filter holder                    Free/used
Altoids tin for sugar packets                          Free/used
Insta read thermometer                                 $10
Harbor freight Voyager 11" tool bag                    $6
Gochujang container for creamers                       Free/used
spoon                                                  Free/used
2x Correl wear white mugs                              Free/used
2x Baby food jars for coffee                           Free/used

I wanted a Portable Coffee Kit for camping and traveling.  This is what I came up with. 
This is smaller and easier to clean than a french press and its possible (abiet small) to make the same tasting coffee or something much different as you can use an espresso grind with this device.
From all the research I did about all different kinds of machines, this is the most versatile for any situation or place, just need hot water.

smoothest coffee I have used so far is Meijer house blend (yes, believe it or not)


(this is my current recipe and will change till absolute perfection is found.)
So I really like french press coffee and if you do too then this is for you. 

Inversion method
1 scoop of drip ground coffee, this is the 1 cup mark on the Hario mill
fill with 175* water
stir for 20 seconds
apply filter to cap and screw on
wait 1 minute 40 seconds (this is with a medium roast coffee, ive notice coffee roasts radically differ for time)
slowly plunge
clean press



Here are machines I considered (mainly for camping or RV use) and the reason why I didn't use them:
Coleman portable propane powered coffee maker - Can't use or probably shouldn't use in RV. Reviewers said machine was slow to make coffee.
Coleman stovetop coffee maker - couldn't tell if you could get Stainless Steel Carafe to fit, glass isn't what I want.
stainless steel double wall extra fine filtered french press - Was REALLY close to gettng this, but never liked the grit or ho hard the are to clean (while camping)
Stainless steel Moka pot - Reviews said coffee is very harsh flavoured, Can't help but this this would taste close to a percolator.

Research from other sites:


I Think I will add Cinnamon in a Tic-Tac box for a flavour to add when using a non flavoured creamer.
I also found that this bag is quite stuffed and things might fit better if I put a grinder inside the aeropress and not the scoop and stirrer.  I was looking at the Cozyna burr grinder as it has a winder so I know how much I have done/how much to go.  I did look at the Porlex mini.  So many bad reviews about the handle popping off.  I could modify it and use an E-clip on the shaft so it won't come out anymore.  I didn't like it as I dont know how much I have ground, unless they want you to measure how much go in instead of out as it might not hold much.  


Decided to use enamel coffee cups from my camping gear and not the correlle wear cups for durability sake


Changed to a bigger tool bag and added a small kettle for use camping/traveling near a stove.