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My computer is extended well beyond its own hardware.  With the network being the computer.  These are the other hardware devices I use to create my cluster.

        File Server
        MythTv Backend #1 - Master
        MythTv Backend #2 - Slave
        Home Automation server
        MBP Ext drive server + itunes server
            Raspberry Pis

        Neuros OSD DVR from VCR
        SiliconDust HDHomeRun
        SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime
        x6 Apple airport express - audio patch - WIFI Hotspots
        Onkyo 906, audio stream + control
        PS3 - video audio player

    Raspberry Pis
        Network IP camera

    To build:
        Remote interface machines
            Networked android box

File Server:

Everything should be stored here unless needing High IO.

MythTv Server:

This machine takes streams from the SiliconDust Tuner and records them.  This box and the slave split transcoding and streaming to other devices for displaying content.

Home Automation Server:

Currently using X10 hardware and Software to allow remote control via VNC

Using VNC and Lubuntu on several machines running handbrake as a mini rending cluster.

I'm also researching the use of XGrid.  If this works I will use this for povray and handbrake.  Lubuntu boots so fast I could literally boot this cluster in a minute and start crunching from the command console.

Remote applications via SSH/X-window forwarding.  This is like running the application locally but using remote resources.  This is much better/faster than VNC on a lan.
With this method you can just call up as many other computers running however many applications it can handle and not slow down the Client/Command Machine. This only works on linux/unix using x11 desktops for servers.  You can use a mac/windows machine as a control center.