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Samsung CLP 315

Found this on black friday at staples one year.

When I was researching this printer I found many ways to hack the counter for cartridge use.  I actually bought a reset chip from eBay.  Then later found another way that might be better for other hackers that don't want to solder a bunch of wires. Or have to find and buy this chip.

Review:  This is an amazing printer.  When I first started printing with this machine I was shocked how much the color popped and how smooth it could dither halftones in photos.  I frequently use this printer to make 8x10s to plaster all over my house.  This printer uses a single drum and is quite cheap to buy new oem cartridges, around $45.  But unfortunately the drum costs $150.  Since I use this exclusively for full sized color prints, I really hope it lasts for the 6k rated life.  I already had to replace the magenta since this type printing uses a ton of toner.  Now the reason why I liked the idea this printer has a single drum is because on single pass printers if i use all the toner the drum has to go too even though I might have only got 500 prints from it.  

This printer is the easiest I have ever seen to refill with toner if you so choose to.  And because they don't have a drum you don't have to worry about them blowing toner everywhere if they have their return reservoir filled.  I'm sure they still wear out but I don't think I will print enough to see it. Like I said before I've already refilled the magenta and now at 824 prints, its half way down again.