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Band Saw

Picture shows guide pins for post.  From what I have researched, the grizzly H3051 Kit should fit perfectly.

As far I can i tell from internet research this is a 1987 Summit 14" bandsaw.  Today it seems this the Harbor Freight predecessor the 32208.  The unknown Taiwanese company that originally makes these rebranded it for many other  brands.  Also from looking around, it seems JET/Grizzly might actually use the same basic parts.

This is a work in progress and will be updated as this project progresses.


13.5" x 1" tire size

Blade guide 7/8"

- New Tires from ebay

- Adding quick tension release, with grizzly parts

- push button power switch

- way to mount said switch

- Power twist belt

Replacement parts from Harbor freight

- Find and add a flex light

- Riser block

- Carter micro adjust guides

- Carter stabilizer

- Kreg fence

- HTC2000 mobile base

- Table inserts - 2 3/8, 2 7/16,

Possible other add ons

Chip blower, using pvc house and a aquarium air pump

Bigger motor

Harbor freight multi speed pulleys via parts order


Dissembled top frame, noting pins for riser block. Started resurfacing the top which was very very rusty. Got it all off now finish sanding for smooth finish. Contacted carter about bearing guides.


Did my research for parts needed and to add quick tension release

 (Research from here =

Order these from grizzly

33A P0555033A 1 Blade Adj. Screw Assy 7”

131A P0555131A 1 Fixed Spacer A.

131B P0555131B 1 Fixed Spacer B.

133 P0555133 1 Lever Rod

135 P0555135 1 Bushing

137 P0555137 1 Bracket

140 P0555140 4 Support Plate

141 P0555141 1 Fixed Base

Get these from hardware store

130A PSS05M 1 Setscrew M5-.8×10. (Required to get this size, the Grizz parts are threaded for it!)

130B PSS07M 1 Setscrew M5-.8×5. (Required to get this size, the Grizz parts are threaded for it!)

132 PW04M 1 Flat Washer 10mm

134, PW01M 6 Flat Washer 8MM

136, PSB82M 1 Button Cap Screw M8-1.25×20

138, PB15M 2 Hex Bolt M8-1.25×40

139, P0555139 2 Nylon Nut M8-1.25

142, PLW04M 2 Lock Washer 8MM

143, PB09M 2 Hex Bolt M8-1.25×20


New switch from amazon

New light


Dust Collection


Post by Tman02 in this forum

02 04 13

Talked to tech support.  They were very helpful and very quick with replying to inquiries. They sent me some measured drawings of the bearing guides I'd like to use.  Since this saw is kind of unknown it took a little looking around.   Found that the bearing guides are the exact same as a JET bandsaw,  so that makes this a JET clone.  Even the throat plates are the same as JET.  They could be the same as grizzly too, but I haven't found what size grizzly uses. 

Along with buying new guides, I got a stabilizer and if you haven't seen one of these you don't know what your missing.  Watch Alex demo that here. 

Also got a cobra spring.  I bought this on a whim, but I hope it helps as the original spring is almost 26 Years old.  Should help with tensioning the bigger riser blades.

02 05 13

The grizzly riser block fits, barely.  Had to lightly grind out the holes as the goes are just a hair too far apart. Now the guide pins don't line up perfectly, so the block is about 1/10" off.   But since the other pins are off too, the top part of the C frame will line up just where is supposed to. The blade guard bar fits and works perfectly.