Here's a list of current and/or never ending projects and their status.

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ProjectCompletionStatusCurrently working onWork to be done
ProjectCompletionStatusCurrently working onWork to be done
Bandsaw 20% Paused  Wiring, Dust collection mod, Paint new parts, Install fence, Install new tires 
Bluetooth Interface 00% XXXXXXXXXX   
Coffee Go Kit 90% testing, inuse   
Datacenter --- Work in progress   
DIY Bench Power Supplies 00% Paused Drilling holes in cases Mount 5 way connectors, led pilot light 
DLP Dev Kit Planned XXXXXXXXXX I2c interface Design 
Garage Furnace 90% On Hold  Build relay box 
GE Rack  In Progress / Paused for other project priority Assembling fabricated panel to mount fans, install doors 
Homebuilt Air Compressor 10% On Hold  cleaning, new switch,  
Jayco 806SD     
Jointer 50% Paused Painting cabinet Paint, Reassemble, Install new cutterhead 
Lathe 00% Research / paused Designing Table  
Motorola R100 D-Star Repeater 00% Planning Acquiring parts  
Networking --- --- Planning where to install cables Researching, plan, pull cable, install rack, install patch panels, install switches & Servers 
Night Vision 10% Testing Illuminator Further testing, final design 
PBX XXX Research Research  
Portable Power --- Research   
Portable Sink 90% Done none adding final touches, water heater, backsplash 
Raspberry Pi On subpage Various projects details on page  
RepRap Mendel 95% On Hold Hot-End Tweaking and final adjustments 
Rotary Phone 99% tweaking  External Connector for feed power and Data, better antenna 
Soda Fountain --% Aquiring Parts Research on build design  
Star Popcorn Butter Dispenser 177  paused  felt for display, paint touch ups 
Table Saw 80% On Hold  Mount new switch, everything else pending 
This Old House huh, what? In Progress House networking, Painting basement ceiling.  
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