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Things I have learned:

You CAN transport Acetylene horizontally in you pickup (need ventilation) but it needs to stand upright 2x as long as it was laying down.

Grade T hose can be used for any fuel while
Grade R hose is for Acetylene only

there are a few others but for welding they aren't applicable.

Hose for oxygen has 9/16"-18 female fittings with right-hand threads.Hose for acetylene has 9/16"-18 female fittings with left-hand threads.

My outfit:

Several Vie grips
Several C clamps
Vwr Multi stage Acetylene regulator
Vwr Multi stage Oxygen regulator

Flux coated bronze brazing rods

Things Needed:

DHC 2000
Fire Bricks
Tig Wire



I decided to go with dual stage regulators since they were cheap on ebay.  I'm pretty sure I didn't need a 2 stage for acetylene, but considering these last nearly forever, it's better and cheaper to get it than to figure out I need it later on and buy another.  Most of the work I plan on doing will be very small and the need for precision goes up.  With A 2 stage O2 regulator I know for sure even with smaller bottles that the pressure won't change while I'm working and one less problem to deal with.  Since there are used they do not have the correct fittings to go to welding hose.  So I think I need a hose coupling from here.  Also found where to get replacement lenses for gauges Webstaurant Amazon.