Form follows function

This site is dedicated to those people who have also shown their work and gave me inspiration to try it too.  I hope the notes and research I have done will help you with your next project.

Soda Fountain --% 
GE Rack  
Star Popcorn Butter Dispenser 177  
Jayco 806SD  
Portable Sink 90% 
Motorola R100 D-Star Repeater 00% 
Coffee Go Kit 90% 
Night Vision 10% 
Lathe 00% 
This Old House huh, what? 
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  • Still Cleaning
    Since my main focus is the projects themselves.  I haven't been as proactive to the site itself.  But when I have been keeping things on track I have noticed many limitations of using google sites as a web platform to host this site.  Kinda drags somethings to a halt as I have to then think about what would be the best way for people to find information that they came to find in the first place and around these limitations.  Guess just trial and error till I can get things to work the way I want.  Or atleast I will make notes in the logbook of how I WANT the site to work and someday in the future when this is on a different host or when google updates it.  Then the site will be in this vision i once had.  As for right now, I would just like to copy the way Wikipedia shows a page.  As I am an active editor there, just wish I could bring that here.  Oh the pains of doing things the cheap way are always more difficult.  
    Posted Apr 30, 2014, 4:44 PM by Jake Reynolds
  • Getting things settled
    I am starting to think this place is finally getting to where it should be.  Projects will have more photos in the how I did/what I was doing sections.  I think this has helped people much more that text ever will.  I will also add more of the thought process as I discovered how to complete the project. On the left under the menu with have 'My recent activity' which will show return visitors what was the last thing I added/worked on.  The AC9G blog will have short how-tos that don't need a page.  Rants and ideas i think will also be posted there.  The Illogical madness blog will go back to what I originally intended that blog to be and finally post the millions of back stories of life, travels and interesting discoveries.

    I am trying to figure out how to post my detailed research that I use to make purchase decisions.  I spend a very long time finding what the best thing is for that intended purpose.  I currently think this could work by creating something like what I have for the projects page.  This way that item can have a page to itself or several and be updated and won' become a mess like it might be if it were in a blog format.

    I have been slowly going through older pages and filling in the gaps of details and explanations that it deserves.  I am also trying to decide on a single layout of information so everything is uniform across the different projects.  i would like them to look like a wikipedia page.  If I can get them to look like that, I think it will really help you the viewer.
    Posted Nov 22, 2013, 7:08 AM by Jake Reynolds
  • The Site
    This site and layout is a work in progress at the moment until I figure out how to get everything to work nicely together.  Sorry for the mess.
    Posted Jan 29, 2013, 6:23 PM by Jake Reynolds
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