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Mobile Radio Kits

I Have parts to build several mobile kits

1 Mobile/Portable HF
2 EmCom kit VHF/UHF
3 Portable Repeater

I have both a 817 and a 857 
computer is a HP TW700
Battery is a 22Ah sealed lead acid in a "jumper" box
vertical antenna is a 
mobile dipole is a gipsy dipole 40-10m
RG-8 coax
Anderson power poles

For future purchase
    signalink USB for digital modes
    ground plane for ATAS-120

Power supply box is a used 20mm rocket case
    Meters: V, Battery = AH in/out, 

3 portable repeater
    2x UHF Mobile radios
    50w duplexer
    GMSK modem for dstar use
    raspberry pi
    power supply
    automatic battery backup switch/charger